Equine Magnetix® NEW Magnetic Horse Rug Available in Cyan, Yellow and Lilac - £139, Magnetic Neck Piece Available in Matching Colours - £49.

Tendon Boots £45, Ankle Boots £25, Hock Boots £45 and Bell Boots £32 will be available to order online 1st May 2011

NEW - Magnetic Dog Collar from 15.95. Available in Blue, Black, Red and Hot Pink Magnetic Brushing Boots, £45 per pair Magnetic Ankle Boots, £25 per pair Magnetic Hock Boots, £45 per pair Magnetic Bell Boots, £32 per pair


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Welcome to Equine Magnetix

Magnetic therapy has tremendous benefits and can be used on horses simply for general well-being, to improve your horse’s performance or for specific injuries and conditions. We believe that every horse should enjoy the benefits from Magnetic Therapy.

Magnets work by increasing blood flow around the body helping to promote healing and speed up the recovery process. They are also used to relax your horse’s muscles prior to work and after cooling down to prevent injuries.

Conditions and injuries which benefit from the use of magnetic therapy include arthritis, fractures, muscles injuries, tendon and ligament injuries, general stiffness, sore or bruised feet, poor hoof growth, navicular disease and laminitis. See our Magnetic Therapy Table for a full list of conditions and injuries along with our recommendations on the right product to use.

Many vets, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors recommend magnetic therapy so why not give it a try - we guarantee your horse will thank you for it!

At Equine Magnetix we offer a full range of magnetic boots and rugs in a selection of colours.

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